The Boston Flower & Garden Show hosts amateur competitions in floral design, horticulture and photography, coordinated by the Massachusetts Horticultural Society and the Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts, Inc. These are Standard Flower Show juried shows representing the best amateur talent in New England! The competitions cleverly reflect the theme of the show. Check out a list of our 2018 major award winners!

Each division has a committee, including an entries chair or general contact person, to which questions specific to the division should be addressed.

Amateur Horticulture Competition

Open to plant societies, garden clubs and individuals. Click here for more info.

2016 Boston Flower Show Am Hort Competition

Design Division – Open Classes

You don’t have to be affiliated with a garden club to participate in this division – open to all! Click here for more info.

2016 Boston Flower Show Division 2 Competition

Photography Division

Amateur photographers, adults and youth ages 15-18 and 14 and under, are invited to showcase their talents. Click here for more info.

2016 Boston Flower Show Photography Competition

Ikebana International

Schools from around the city compete in Japanese floral arranging.

2016 Boston Flower Show Ikebana Competition

For information on how to participate in these competitions, click here. 

Check out some highlights from past competitions below!